From the recording America's Daughter


Well, they threw the baby out with the bath water,
She’s runnin’ so fast, no one’s caught her.
Clutchin those toys her mother bought her
And the water’s getting hotter and hotter.
She’s America’s dream, America’s daughter.

She popped out smarter than the status quo
Due to listening to Mozart in utero.
Mostly good and rarely bad,
grabbed every gold star that teacher had.
America’s dream, America’s achiever.

They tried to make up for their mistake,
Fed her Rice a Roni and Shake 'n' Bake.
They plumped her up, slimmed her down,
She’s the hottest saddest thing in town.
America’s dream, America’s daughter.

Well she learned everything a woman should,
Exfoliated everything she could.
Learned every trick and every fad
And the 10 best ways to keep a man she never had.
America’s dream, America’s wanter.

She landed that apartment on the upper west side:
Another million dollar place to hide.
Sent out personal ads and internet jokes.
Felt all alone and piled with folks.
America’s dream, America’s daughter.

Sometimes she wondered what she liked,
Then kept on pleasing, day and night.
Sometimes wondered if there might be more
Than can be bought in that department store.
America’s dream, America’s buyer.

She read self-help books by the shelf,
Leaned on books instead of herself.
Answered her questions with half-information,
Replaced doubt with positive affirmations.
America’s dream, America’s self-improver.

She packed her bags and moved out west.
She could use the space she could user the rest.
When she saw that sea all free and wet,
She dropped her purse and her regret and
Well. . . . walked through those waves into the sunset.