From the recording Do You Remember 45's?


Vinyl in the morning,
The scratches and the clicks.
Adding to the dignity,
Jimi Hendrix.
Horseshoes fly at sunset,
Never hit the pits.
Darkness slips in on the sly,
Forcing us to quit.

Do you remember when you’d never die?
Do you remember 45’s?

You could slow them down to 33,
In the middle of a song.
But vain attempts to play with time
Always turn out wrong.
The needles dulled, the record players
All but went away.
The papers sleeves got wrinkled,
But the music wouldn’t age.

Diamond needle falls to a world that I hold dear.
Elephants and moonbeams and wishing you were here.
Watching the detectives, if I only had a clue,
Sweet home Alabama, I ‘d be coming home to you.

It’s twenty years later.
Things didn’t turn out as planned.
I’m not a Soul Train dancer
Or fronting a big hair band.
But it’s summer in the mountains
And we made it here alive.
But winter’ll be here soon enough,
So spin that 45.

Vinyl in the evening,
When the stars revolve the sky
And shoot their streaks of light
Like the groove of a 45.
I’m looking for a needle
And the ridges of a track
And a life that I can drop down in
That’ll never send me back.