1. Ice Storm

From the recording Ice Storm


Mm the future, mm the past.
This is somebody’s first time
and somebody else’s last.
It’s all brand new
It’s as old as the hills.
And I could survive in the woods with my skills
And this TV and A/C and these prescription refills.

There’s a cold wind blowing, cold wind near.
An ice storm comin’ child, an ice storm here.

So much food, I can’t get full.
This dried out thirst is insatiable.
Every warm breeze gives me a chill.
I’m gonna eat this chicken I couldn’t possibly kill.
‘Cause I got the need but I don’t have the will.

So damn crowded, I can’t find a soul.
Everyone’s busy, not one with a goal.
We got more people living than have ever died.
I’d like to take them all for a ride,
I’d like to bring them all inside.

They said follow your heart, well my heart got me here.
They said go with your gut, well I went and got stuck.
They said build it and they will come, well my building’s come undone.
With everything to lose, and nothing to gain,
I’ll take a little more freedom, a little less pain.

Everyone I meet is a foul weather friend.
Over’s rolling over and over again.
I remember the future, better than the past.
See this is my first time, this is my last.
See this is my first time, this is my last.