1. I Do

From the recording I Do


You’ll see,
and then I will see,
and then we’ll go far.
Then I’ll know,
then you will know
and we’ll be where we are.

‘Cause I know
this much is true:
this thing we do,
it’s bigger than me,
it’s bigger than you.

It’s a dream come true
to be standing here in front of you,
saying that I, that I . . .

Can and I will and I’ll say right now that I want to.
I am and I’ll be and I’ll swear to you now I’ll continue to.
And I will when I say that I’ll stay by you for always.
I’ll have and I’ll hold, I’ll be weak, I’ll be bold,
I will cherish and tease, challenge and need you,
I’ll grow old with you, I will marry you.
Yes I do.