1. Leaving Eden

From the recording Leaving Eden


When I showed up, I needed you.
You turned me into something new.
Something that could live on my own.
You tossed me the key, said,
“Come as you please.
Be sure to lock up when you go.”
I’ll be sure to lock up when I go.

I wish I could love you
the way that you want me to.
I wish I could be what you need.
So I’d never have to face myself
or find someone else
or know a thing about grief.
I don’t know the first thing about grief.

Did Eve leave Eden kickin' and screamin',
Did she slip out in the dark?
Is there good in goodbye or just the
quiet sigh of something being torn apart?
Something worn being torn apart?

I look at you looking at me,
I look to see what you see.
That woman there bears no relation to me.
Maybe you loved me, maybe I tried,
maybe our dreams crawled off to die.

What feels like going backwards, it’s the road ahead.
What’s been knit together, it’s a pile of loose thread.
What’s been an angel in a promised land,
It’s just another cancan through a one year stand.
What’s been our life, it’s crowding my head.
It feels like a scream that I never said.
A scream I never said.

Started late, ended soon,
like the rise in a valley of a red and full moon.
Came on quickly, left just as fast.
Nothing but a moment, a moment that’s past.