1. This Road

From the recording This Road


Driving alone,
driving this back road to my home.
The ride has been long, the rain has been rough,
but baby, my baby, I can’t get there fast enough.

I know this road like we’ve never been apart,
like my blood knows the way from my head to my heart.
The road still turns red, right after the bridge
and the night sky still slides into the arms of the Blue Ridge.

I need a different dream.
This one I’m clinging to is killing me.
I know it’s naïve to think anything anymore.
But these choices I’ve got rip me straight to the core.

And I’d like to believe in a simpler time,
when the love that I felt didn’t turn on a dime.
When people stayed near to those they needed so bad,
Was it everything they wanted or was it all that they had?

When everything they used, they made with their hands and
where a man stood was where that man stands.
The goal was so easy, it wasn’t written in sand:
Just live, live, live, live as long as you can.