1. Wait My Turn

From the recording Wait My Turn


Tapping my foot, spinning my thumbs.
Waiting for my time to come.
Got it all worked out, just holding back.
Planning my attack.
It’s gonna be great, gonna be so strong,
Probably be perfect, can’t go wrong.
Got it all worked out, guess I said that before,
Just gotta keep my eyes fixed on that closed door.
But I can wait, my patience is biblical and
Besides, this chair, it’s really comfortable. So,

I’ll wait for a sign, I’ll wait for the time.
I’ll wait til I hear, maybe next year.
I’ll wait til that coast is sunny and clear.
Until I’ve learned, wait my turn.
Just sit here and wait my turn.

I’ll wait for the backup, I’ll wait till I stack up.
I’ll wait for the Muse, got nothing to lose.
I’ll wait till I’m sure, what I can’t endure
Is being burned. Wait my turn.
Just sit here. Wait my turn.

Sometimes I hear a voice saying, “No one is coming to save you.
You got hands, you got legs. Go open that door and walk through.”

I’ll wait till I’m inspired, once I’ve retired,
I’ll begin, Oh, I’ll really dig in
When it feels small and asks nothing at all.
Got no concerns. Wait my turn.
Grow old. Wait my turn.

Once I’ve read War and Peace, maybe once I’ve deceased,
And all is resolved and dissolved.
All is unpinned, bones blanching in wind.
Cannot return. Wait my turn.
Just die here, wait my turn.